» Avenue Q M!A/Drabble Prompts
It Sucks to Be Me: Muse feels the need to complain about their lives and fight with people who tell them they don't have it too bad for 6 hours.
If You Were Gay: Muse is attracted to the gender they are not typically attracted to for 24 hours.
Purpose: Your muse must ponder the reason they exist for a day.
Everyone's a Little Bit Racist: Muse needs to say something offensive to everyone they talk to for 12 hours.
The Internet Is for Porn: Muse is exhausted and has a hand cramp for a day.
Mix Tape: Your muse must make a mix tape for someone and give it to them. Songs and reasons included.
I'm Not Wearing Underwear Today: Your muse has no pants for a day.
Special: Your muse needs to tell someone why your muse is good in bed.
Fantasies Come True: Your muse thinks a dream of theirs has come true, only to be crushed by reality.
My Girlfriend, Who Lives in Canada: For 2 days your muse has to pretend to have a lover in another country/realm/whatever
There is Life Outside Your Apartment: Your muse kidnaps someone for a day of fun
The More You Ruv Someone: Your muse picks a fight with their beloved.
Schadenfreude: For a day, your muse is overly amused by unfortunate things happening to people.
I Wish I Could Go Back to College: Your muse goes to college for a week.
The Money Song: Your muse needs to raise money for a specific goal.
For Now: For 48 hours, your muse is positive about things changing in the future.